Problem Solving In Sex Actifity

How To Be A Strong Man In Sex Activity

In fact, there are many men getting troublel in theirsex actifity. It is called impotent irection. Mayby He still can make penetration,but it goes in a few minutes,not longer,so his wife is not satisfied. So in this article I will talk about how tobe a strong man while you are making love.

1.First of all, set ut your mind that YOU ARE A STRONG MAN………….YOU ARE A POWERFUL MAN

You are what you think,so you have to be sure in your hearth . Remember what Allah have said,: I am as what the believer thinks , if He thinks that I am good to him,so I will really be good for him.( The Prophet Muhammad Hadisth ). Also Jesus said that Whoever who has eventhogh alittle faithness, he can order to a mountain to go and then the mountain will go. What does it mean ? The meaning is you have to WAKE YOUR MIND UP. You say to your self before sleeping and after waking up that YOU ARE A STRONG MAN. just do it everyday. And what will you get? It’s wonderful,you will find that you can make in love in long time. Just be sure and thrust in your self that YOU ARE A REALLY A STRONG MAN AND A POWERFUL MAN.


Practise exercing YOGA everyday. The time you have to do is before and after your sleepig. How to do it ? It is eazy. Sit down relaxlly and taking a breath slowly. When you take the air,imagine that you are taking the power from the nature. When the air come into your body, imegine that the power goes to your penis. The last, when you through out the air, imagine that you are throughing your wakeness. Don’t be lazzy to practicing this exercise. Just do it everyday. What will you get next if you do it routinely ? Well, you will find that YOU ARE REALLY A STRONG MAN IN SEX ACTIVITY. You are able to make in love as long as you want.

3.The important thing is USING MY OIL OF EGG, “THE MAGIL OIL OF EGG”

It is really magic oil,that made of some eggs. It is originally and naturally, and does not contain cemestri material. It is safe for you. Massage your penis from below to up with this oil at least for one week. And it is more better if you eat / dring a sponnful of the oil three times everyday. Finally,you will find that you are really a strong man in sex activity, you can making in love for long time aslong as you want.

Don’t worry. I am TIKNAN, now live in rt 13/rw07 Sawo,Dukun,GRESIK,INDONESIA provide the oil for you.

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