Increasing your sex power

Improving Your Sex Ability By Using Traditional Treatments
By: Tiknan Tasmaun

Every one wants to be a strong man in sex activity. You and I do want too. But in fact, there are many men in this world get trouble in their sex ability. May be they still can make penetration, but not in long time. It is called a weak penetration.

First, using your inner energy. It is about your mind. You have to be confident with your self. Say the magical words like ‘strong’ and ‘power’ to your self before and after your sleeping. Believe in yourself that you are a powerful man and a strong man.

The second is by using traditional medicine. You can make it by yourself. Take some natural eggs ( not boiler egg). Just take the yelow part of them. Then you take some pure honey, milk and gingers. Press the gingers until you get their water. Mix all of them : the yellow of egg, milk, honey and the water of ginger. After that just drink it. Do it twice a week.

The last is by massaging your penis. Massage it with oil of egg from bellow to up. Do it evryday, at least for one week. After that you will find that you are really a strong man in your sex activity. I am a traditional treatment practicer, provide oil of egg. It is called The Magic Oil of Egg. It is made of some natural egg. For further informations please contact me.

I am a traditional treatment practicer,  you can click at and at



Tentang Tiknan Tasmaun

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2 Balasan ke Increasing your sex power

  1. ahammed berkata:

    dear sir my name ahammed i’m working dubai my nationality indian ,i have some sexual problom my penis is not standing also no have power so waht i can do i’m not happy with my sex please help me

    • Tiknan Tasmaun berkata:

      I sugest You make alternative medicine like this : mix 3 natural eggs [not broiller eggs] + water of gingger + milk + honey, then drink it. do it everyday for one week.

      Or … you can buy my oil of egg. If you will, send email to me at

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